total divas Season 8 Watch Party 2018


To get fans excited for the new season, Total Divas hosts an exclusive premiere day watch party.

With seven seasons comes a lot of fan-favorite moments, so to help kick off our Facebook Group, we’ll host a Watch Party that celebrates those TBT moments.

In the week leading up, we’ll invite fans to join our group for the premiere day party, and ask them to share their favorite moments over the years. Then, we’ll throw it back to all those moments by hosting a day-long watch party in our group that leads up to a season 8 teaser.

Art Director/Editor: Kit Antone / Copywriter: Pete Sitomer / ACD: Tricia Olds



With great risk comes great reward.

If Megan can destroy the Institute, she may get the happily ever after she’s looking for. But exposing IHM’s dark truths could threaten her career, her love, and even her life. She’ll have to be willing to risk it all, because in an industry built on lies, fact is more dangerous than fiction.

Our content strategy was to spotlight Megan’s moments of power and strength throughout her mission to take down IHM (Institute of the Higher Mind) to create intrigue and focus on women empowerment in Hollywood.

Art Direction: Kit Antone / Copywriters: Keshvar Alikhani & Pete Sitomer / Creative Director: John McGill