Kicking off Season 2 of Greg Garcia’s The Guest Book our team was tasked with creating fast paced, and talent-driven content to stop people in feed. Working closely with our paid media team, I employed best practices for a series of awareness content under an internal theme of “Get To Know The Guest Stars.” Each week a new set of guest stars are checking into The Bare Feet Retreat. I found a quick and fun way to introduce the actors, using upbeat music & super cute graphics that point them out in scenes of hilarity.

Art Direction: Kit Antone / Copywriter: Pete Sitomer / ACD: Tricia Olds

“Bare Feet Breakdown”

Each week, after the episode airs, we'll host a live, scripted talk show on FB Live where dolls talk about the latest episode.

During the Bare Feet Breakdown, we’ll incentivize the fans to participate by asking them simple questions. We'll ask fans to vote on their favorite moments from each episode, offer them multiple choice trivia questions they can answer with emojis, and ask them to use emojis to answer questions related to the themes/storylines of that episode.

Art Direction: Kit Antone / Copywriters: David Satterfield, Jessica Druck, Pete Sitomer / Editors: Charlie Coutrakon, Sean Barrett

“tiny cottage series”

Season 1 of The Guest Book was a blast! We pitched an unconventional Facebook Live finale stunt where we created a season recap, using random dolls and a 1:12 scale set. We shot this in-studio over one day, edited in a week. Greg Daniels was so excited about this activation he got a doll made of himself to feature in Season 2 airing October 23rd 2018.

Art Direction: Kit Antone / Copywriter: Tracey Schwartz / Editor: Charlie Coutrakon / Creative Director: John McGill


Internal Strategy:
Feature scenes that make this season feel like a summer blockbuster with lots of action-packed comedy. Highlight the smart, clever, adult-humor that goes beyond the physical humor. Grab viewer attention by showcasing the talent involved.

Art Director: Kit Antone / Copywriters: David Satterfield & Pete Sitomer / ACD: Tricia Olds

Detour SEASON 3
“Unsung Heroes”


To close out the season with a bang, TBS asked us to do something special to encourage fans to binge season 3 of The Detour. We decided to highlight the “Unsung Heroes,” whether they were recurring characters or main cast.

Art Direction/Editor: Kit Antone / Copywriter: David Satterfield


To show fans that their comments and reactions weren’t just being posted and forgotten, we crowdsourced engagement tweets from our fans to highlight what they said about The Detour. We posted our favorites, tagged the fans as a surprise and delight from The Detour social channel.

Art Direction/Editor: Kit Antone / Copywriter: David Satterfield


After The Detour finale of Season 2, we created a TOP 10 MOMENTS video to highlight ALL the shenanigans that The Parkers found themselves in. We focused on the relatable moments and kept it family oriented. The Parkers are our favorite dysfunctional family on the run!

Art Direction/Editor: Kit Antone / Copywriter: David Satterfield

“ROTTEN TOMATOES Critical Acclaim”


People of Earth is a new original comedy about a support group for alien abductees. The show centers on skeptical journalist Ozzie Graham (Wyatt Cenac), who investigates a support group to write about the members' supposed alien encounters. The more he digs into their oddball claims, the more he realizes there is truth in their stories and possibly even signs that point to his own alien abduction. The onetime outsider now finds himself a part of this eclectic group of misfits, all the while struggling with the idea of knowing that life could exist beyond our world.

To capitalize on previous show learnings, and to gain new viewership we partnered with Rotten Tomatoes to highlight the hilarity that critics loved about TBS’ People of Earth.

Art Direction: Kit Antone / Copywriter: Tracey Schwartz / Creative Director: John McGill